H E L L O – i’m court.

My name is Courtney Brooke Sanford, and a lot of people call me Court. I’m a Chattanooga native that is now residing in the beautiful Franklin, Tennessee with my best friend and husband, Luke. 

My husband and I are entreprenuers and work from home. My work days are really never the same. I’m either going to be editing print books and ebooks, running to the post office, creating ad copy, taking pictures, or writing… or all of the above!

When I’m not doing these things, I love watching any and all cooking shows, reading, listening to podcasts, playing Animal Crossing and grabbing coffee with sweet friends. 

I’m an introverted enneagram 2 at its finest and love laughing, and making other people laugh. I am a dog AND cat person. Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, TN is basically my 2nd home and their iced Roosevelt brings me life.

Did you notice the makeup brushes in the above picture? Those are there because I’m obsessed with makeup – no like – REALLY OBSESSED. I mean I might as well own stock in Sephora at this point. I love creating with it and I’ll talk anyone ears off about it if they will let me.

What’s behind the name? Glad you asked! When I was little, my mom had the dream of opening up a bakery called Coco’s Cookies. The name, of course, was a play on my name. Although we didn’t start that and I’m not selling cookies, I still wanted this to be Coco’s.

You should know this blog isn’t cookie cutter. (See what I did there?) Although I am definitely led to write to inspire spiritual growth and encouragement, you will also find plenty of content about beauty, home, dogs, and lifestyle.

Please feel free to email me anything… say hi, tell me about your pets, ask a question, anything you want! God bless. (:


I like animals. Like, a lot. So much so that I spent my high school and college years house sitting and watching other people’s animals as a side hustle. It was while I was house sitting in January of 2018 that the Lord told me that part of my calling is to write. The place I was house sitting at had the most incredible view of downtown Chattanooga, TN and the mountains that surrounded it. I can still remember those moments, deep in the presence of God, overlooking the gorgeous city I grew up in. I had never heard or felt God more clearly in my life.

It was over a year later before I ever put the first bit of my writing into the world. During that year, I fell in love and started dating the man that God made clear was part of my destiny. Fast forward, I got married on January 11, 2019 and am now living in Franklin, TN. So did I not put my writing out there sooner because I was distracted by my handsome prince? No. It was because the Enemy of our souls hated that I was taking steps that were in alignment with God’s plans for my life and was attacking me full force. I went through an intense battle with self-image and comparison. Hear me when I say this wasn’t just an average struggle that all women go through. It was dark. It was ugly. It was tormenting. But it will also necessary.

You see, as the saying goes, what was meant for evil, God used for good. There is so much I have to write and portray to women now because of all that I went through. I am seriously so thankful for all of it because I learned so, so much. So please, take a seat at my table and hear what I have to say, knowing that these blog posts are full of restorative words that God used to heal my heart, soul, and mind.

With Love,


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