The Only Make Up Brushes You Need


I am no make up artist but I’ve spent a lot of time learning about it and I’ve really established some solid opinions on what I like and don’t like when it comes to tools and techniques. For me, I don’t want my everyday make up routine to be overly complicated. I like to keep things simple and efficient, and that is precisely why I love the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Kit.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this brush kit is the price. You are getting 4 full-size make up brushes and a sponge all for around $15 (depending on where you purchase it). Other than the price, the best aspect about this kit is that you can actually do an entire face of make up using just these tools! Here’s how I use them:

The Blush Brush (RT 400) – This brush is probably my favorite in the entire kit. Although it is called a “blush brush”, I find myself loving this most for my powder bronzer. It is very flexible, not stiffly packed in any way, and it features a dome tip which helps to ensure the product is diffused gently and evenly. In other words, it’s not going to pack on product and make you look like a clown upon the first swipe! Beyond powder bronzer, I do also enjoy this for my powder blushes.

The Expert Face Brush (RT 200) – This brush is a foundation and concealer’s bff. Whereas the blush brush is tapered and fluffy, this brush is densely packed and firm. This is exactly what you want when blending products such as foundation and concealer. It blends everything out seamlessly without all of the streakiness. It makes applying foundation and concealer a piece of cake, without all of the cakiness.

The Setting Brush (RT 402) – Despite what the title of this brush is, I do not use it for setting at all. My favorite use for this brush is for my cream blushes. If you have ever found cream blushes intimidating, you need this brush in your life. It helps blend the cream blush out so seamlessly leaving you with with a natural-looking flush to the cheeks. Not into cream blush? This brush is also excellent for highlighter. I don’t always wear highlighter, but when I do this is my go-to brush.

The Deluxe Crease Brush (RT 300) – I am OBSESSED with this eye shadow brush. It is a one-and-done product that makes applying eye shadow a breeze. I will start out using it to apply my base shadow all over the lid. Then I will apply my darker crease shade in my, well, crease. After that I typically take that same darker shade, pinch the brush so that it forms a straight line at the tip, and apply it below my lower lash line. That’s right, I do my entire eye shadow look with this one brush. As with all of the other brushes in this collection, it blends everything seamlessly.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge – After using this sponge for the first time, I had no desire to pick up my Beauty Blender again. And I haven’t! I would say the best feature of this sponge is the unique shape. You can use the flat side to really pat your product into your skin, and the more rounded side to blend seamlessly and get into tight spots such as the inner corner of your eyes. Perhaps my favorite feature is that this sponge can be used wet or dry!

Beyond meeting literally all of your make up needs, these brushes are so soft. I’m talking the kind of soft where you will find yourself petting your face with them and not caring if anyone notices. In fact, if they notice, you will proceed to pet their face with it so that they understand. All kidding aside, they are some of the softest brushes I’ve ever used. They also wash perfectly and never shed! Yep – N E V E R.

I seriously use every single one of these brushes every single day. If I’m traveling and packing a make up bag, these are coming with me. My daily make up routine isn’t complete without them and I just had to share in case you are looking for some high quality, affordable, and extremely versatile make up brushes!

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My name is Courtney Sanford and my home is in Tennessee with my husband, Luke and our Golden Retriever, River. When I'm not blogging or filming, I do marketing, editing, and photography. Some random things I love are (really good) Chinese food, Amazon Prime, and asking my hubby for more animals. My greatest passion is to help women discover who they are and to equip and encourage them to walk confidently into what God has placed them here to do!

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